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公司主营:LNG peak shaving station, air temperature gasifier, CNG pressure regulating skid, gas equipment, skid mounted LNG gasification station, gas pressure regulating tank / cabinet
  • LNG complete equipment
    LNG gasification station
    LNG peak shaving station
    LNG skid mounted equipment
    LNG point supply equipment
    Water bath gasifier
    LNG cryogenic hose
    Low temperature storage tank
    Unloading / storage tank pressurization skid
  • CNG complete equipment
    CNG voltage regulating cabinet
    CNG Cylinder container
    CNG high pressure hose
  • L-CNG gas station equipment
    LNG dosing gun
    LNG filling station
  • Industrial gas equipment
    Gas proportioning cabinet
    Gas busbar
    Oxygen, nitrogen and argon station
  • Natural gas surge tank
    Gas filter
    Pressure regulating valve
    Gas shut-off valve
    a burglar alarm
    Gas pressure regulating cabinet
    Gas pressure regulating box
  • Air heated gasifier series
    Unloading / storage tank pressurization gasifier
    LNG air temperature gasifier
    Liquid oxygen gasifier
    Liquid nitrogen gasifier
    Argon liquefier
    Carbon dioxide gasifier
  • LPG complete equipment
    LPG gasifier
    LPG air temperature gasifier
  • Gas flowmeter
    Gas turbine flowmeter
    Gas Roots flowmeter
    Precession Vortex Flowmeter
    Mass flowmeter
    ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Cryogenic pump series
    LNG submerged pump
    LNG filling pump
    Carbon dioxide cryogenic pump
    Liquid oxygen cryopump
    Liquid nitrogen cryogenic pump
    Liquid argon cryopump
Customer case

Customer case


ENN gas gasification station project
ENN gas gasification station project
Ganghua gas supply project
Ganghua gas supply project
Kunlun energy peak shaving station project
Kunlun energy peak shaving station project
China gas gasification peak shaving station
China gas gasification peak shaving station
CNOOC gasification station project
CNOOC gasification station project
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     Since its establishment, Hebei Qingteng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business philosophy of "abiding by reputation and people-oriented" and the management belief of "scientific and technological innovation and quality first", laying a solid foundation at home and abroad and becoming a well-known brand in China. We have been pursuing the path of professional development, always adhering to the operation policy of "quality first, customer first, exploration and innovation for development". Through continuous improvement, we always master the precise core technology, exquisite manufacturing technology and product quality control, and use our warm service to help customers create higher value. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we will be able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with customers!
Hebei Qingteng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd
Provide automatic video mechanical technical scheme

The products are exported to all over the world and are highly praised by customers



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Hebei Qingteng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd
address         :6 Putong street, Nangong Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province, China contacts        : Fan Hengqing(sales manager) mobile phone: +86 15833393342(Wechat same number) Telephone      :  +86-0319-5262361
mailbox          :991564074@qq.com
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